Artists brighten Downtown SLO businesses with May Flower Initiative

Posted at 7:37 AM, May 01, 2020

While San Luis Obispo's downtown remains more quiet than ever before, that's not stopping artists and businesses from making it look brighter.

Downtown SLO's May Flower Initiative is in full swing.

Building windows are pained with environmentally-friendly, temporary paint with floral art themes.

A focus is also on sprucing up the look of vacant and filled storefronts with painted flowers.

It is all in an effort to remind people downtown is a vibrant center for creativity and commerce but that business owners are hurting right now and are in need of a reminder we will get through this.

"When you go and visit somebody's home, you bring flowers. We give flowers when we're going on dates, when we're making new relationships, when we are trying to reinforce relationships," Bettina Swigger, Downtown SLO CEO, said. "So the whole idea behind is that our downtown really is, it consists not just of stores and buildings, but of these organisms and there are human beings who live inside of them and the human beings are hurting right now so we're bringing them flowers and we're also bringing them to the community so you can see them."

Downtown SLO made a map of all the places you can check out by walking, biking, or driving by.

Also on Friday, instead of the traditional Art After Dark, Downtown SLO will host a virtual version on its social media platforms.