Mandatory 10-digit dial goes into effect for Central Coast

Posted at 9:40 PM, Jun 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-03 00:40:11-04

The Central Coast now has a new area code in effect.

The mandatory 10-digit dial began Saturday and it changes the way you dial numbers within the region.

If you do not add the area code followed by the number, your call will be not be dialed. 

Due to a dwindling number of 805 area codes available, the area code 820 was started.

"When I get someone’s phone number, I just assume that it’s 805 so that’s going to be something that will change now," said San Luis Obispo resident Sarah Ensign.

All calls made from a landline phone must include the 1 plus the area code, then the seven-digit number to go through.

When calling from a cell phone, dialing 1 first is optional. You still must include the area code even when making local calls from 805 or 820 area codes.

"I have a 90-year-old mother and she is very concerned about trying to remember to do that," said resident Nancy Shakeri. "She has some memory issues and so it’s one more things for her to try to cope with." 

The new 820 area code will not replace 805 and won’t change any current phone numbers with 805 area codes. 

The new area code will only be applied to brand-new numbers established in the area. 

But the inconvenience for many is having to update all their cell phone contacts.

"You can’t go through a thousand contacts and do it all at once, don’t have that much time," said Casandra Cox. 

Instead of having to go through all her contacts, Samantha Munoz says she will add the area code once she comes across the numbers. 

"Probably as I start making calls, since I don’t call everyone on my phone book, but people who I do call most of the time I will probably will need to change right now," said Munoz. 

All programmed seven-digit phone numbers will need to be re-programmed to 11 digits.

This will affect fax machines, call forwarding, alarm and gate systems, and even emergency dispatch systems.

Calls to 911 will not change.

The current 805 area code numbers will be given out until no more are available.

Telephone companies have already begin issuing phone numbers with the new 820 area code. 

Local residents have reported have been calling us saying they are having trouble making calls and or receiving them. The change should take some time to go through.