Attorneys for Lynn Compton want county to stop counting certain ballots

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San Luis Obispo County 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton’s campaign says the counting of ballots deemed problematic needs to stop.

Lawyers for Compton, who is hoping to retain her seat, have requested that SLO County stop processing certain ballots, clerk-recorder Tommy Gong confirmed to KSBY News.

The letter requesting the halt was received by the clerk-recorder’s office Thursday and comes near the end of a highly-contentious race between incumbent Compton and her challenger, Jimmy Paulding.

As of Monday afternoon, just 81 votes separated the two with Compton in the lead.

At issue for Compton, according to Gong, is ballots where the signature does not match those on record for the registered voter.

Gong says the elections office worked with county counsel to determine if there was anything wrong with moving forward with processing those ballots.

Gong says while there is a timeline for when voters who did not sign their ballots can return to do so (eight days following the election), there is nothing saying that working to confirm registered voter information and signatures on ballots needs to stop at a certain time.

Gong says his office will continue processing the ballots.

Compton’s campaign said Thursday night it has no additional comment on the matter aside from the letter presented to the clerk-recorder’s office.

The next update regarding ballot counts is expected Friday.

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