Arroyo Grande man dies after being found injured on the side of a road in Phoenix

Posted at 3:58 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 18:58:17-04

Investigators are trying to find out what happened to a local man who was found Saturday on the side of an Arizona road, injured so badly that he was taken off of life support on Monday.Jordan Boner’s family and friends are now returning to town after saying their final goodbye to him in Phoenix.The Arroyo Grande local made a big impact on a lot of people."He was a determined guy, hard working, super outgoing, really loving. Just a really funny guy. He’d always light up the room wherever he was," said Jackson Chavez, who became close to Jordan while going to college with him at Chico State University.Jordan was celebrating with friends Friday night after finishing an internship at a hotel-resort in Phoenix."He was supposed to be coming home this weekend to get situated in his new job," said Jordan’s sister, Sabrina Hernandez.Sabrina says Jordan separated from his friends on Friday and no one knows what happened afterward. Police found Jordan at 1 a.m. Saturday."He was found on the side of the highway. He had severe head injuries. We needed to get to Phoenix as soon as possible," Hernandez said.Doctors told Jordan’s family to say their final goodbyes after he was declared clinically brain dead.His loved ones are now asking anyone with information to come forward."Whether it was an intentional act or it was an accident, nobody has still come forward and said what’s happened. I think that needs to happen and have a bit of closure on the situation and an understanding of what happened to my baby brother," Hernandez said.The 22-year-old is gone but continues to make a difference. He was listed as an organ donor in California and Arizona."He actually is saving five people’s lives today. That’s very important to our family. That’s five families that won’t have to feel this hurt," Hernandez said."It represents him as a person to have that happen. He’s touched every person he’s met and now he’s gone, but he’s going to change five strangers’ lives," Chavez said.A GoFundMe page set up to help family members with medical costs had raised more than $25,000 as of Monday night.