Some look to beat the heat, while others head straight for it

Posted at 7:04 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 22:04:59-04

As Paso Robles flirted with near record high temperatures on Thursday, many people called on repairmen to fix their air conditioning, but others headed to a place that actually cranks up the heat.

"We have been going 10 to 14 hours a day, every day since the first heat wave which has been about six weeks," Straighline Heating and Cooling President Sidney Goldis said.

Straightline heating and cooling is working around the clock to keep Paso Robles residents cool.

Goldis said just one out of 30 calls leads him to a permanently broken AC unit, but most repairs are related to owner neglect.

He had some free advice for people who get put on a long wait list for AC repairs.

"It’s good to check your filter and make sure it’s clean," Goldis said. "It should be cleaned every 30 days. Also check your main panel to make sure the breaker didn’t trip."

While many, if not most people do their best to stay cool, others intentionally seek out the heat.

"People that come to hot yoga, it doesn’t matter if it’s 108 out there, they’re still going to come here and spend time in 103," Paso Hot Yoga Owner Melanie Angeles said.

Angeles saw a full class Thursday morning, despite the rising mercury.

She said the swelter outside is actually soothing in her studio.

"The heat is actually special infrared heat that penetrates the body," Angeles said. "So it’s not the same as outside in the heat where you feel exhausted. If you come to a hot yoga class, you actually feel rejuvenated after being in here for an hour."

Cooling stations are set up at the library in Paso and the senior center to allow people to come in and cool off, free of charge.