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Central Coast Living: Find your way through a giant corn maze in Los Osos

Posted at 9:05 AM, Sep 27, 2018

They say life is a series of choices. At Brookshire Farms in Los Osos, farmer Shawn Callaway says making the right choices in the pumpkin patch’s giant corn maze takes strategy, patience and a little luck.

“You’ve got a trail here, a trail there and another trail down there so you’ve got to make those right choices,” Callaway said.

The corn maze covers 7.5 acres at the Los Osos pumpkin patch.

“We’re probably one of only about six of this size in the state of California,” Callaway said. “We’re estimating that we have about four miles of trail in this maze.”

There are two bridges within the maze that you can climb up to get a bird’s eye view to help strategize your path out however, Callaway says it might not help much this year because the corn has grown so tall.

His advice: follow the sun out and use your senses.

“Don’t panic, don’t call 911. We’ve also got a lot of corn cops in here,” Callaway said. “We call them corn cops. They are assistants that go in and help out.”

You can also scan a QR code beforehand to get a map of the maze to use throughout your journey.

Brookshire Farms has made accommodations for guests since it takes most people about 45 minutes to get through the maze.

“We’ve also put restrooms in the facility that they can go in and use them in the need to.”

In the last two weekends of October, Brookshire Farms opens up the maze at night. It’s not haunted but Callaway says darkness definitely adds an extra challenge.

“We’ve actually been lost a few times ourselves,” said Callaway.

The corn maze is one of a variety of family-friendly activities at Brookshire Farms’ pumpkin patch.

“This is something that my wife and I really have enjoyed to be able to put on and really help out making families to come together.”

After the fall season, all the corn from the maze will be donated to Cal Poly to be used as cow feed.

Brookshire Farms opens its pumpkin patch and corn maze Saturday at 10 a.m.