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Police warn against oversharing on social media

Posted at 9:48 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-06 00:48:08-04

Some social media users constantly update their followers about their every move, but tagging your current location online could prove to be the perfect way for burglars to target your house.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently arrested four people who they think used social media to target celebrities.

LAPD says the thieves targeted a handful of celebrities, including singer Rihanna and football player Robert Woods. Police say the suspects figured out celebrities were out of town based on their social media posts.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department studies social media and says sharing too much information can put you in danger.

“Tagging locations can be exciting for the person using it and it’s good for the business because it shows that people are showing up to those,” said Officer Miguel Lozano, San Luis Obispo Police Department. “But it does make you vulnerable to a sense because it shows you are at that location away from your home and vehicle.”

Facebook and Instagram can also give away too much about your whereabouts.

Police recommend only allowing people you know to follow you or if you can, create two accounts: one public and one private. The private one should only be for a select few family members and friends.

Police also said not to post pictures of your property or valuables.