Day-after-Christmas trash can come at a cost

Posted at 9:40 PM, Dec 25, 2018

After presents are opened and Christmas dinner is eaten, there’s usually a lot of trash left over.

Items like wrapping paper and Christmas cards that can go in recycling bins as long as they don’t have glitter, but bows, ribbons, and greasy containers should be thrown away.

A pile of presents left behind a heap of trash, one that cost Pismo resident Peggy Bozem an additional garbage fee when she tossed out more trash than could fit in her bin.

Bozem called the South County Sanitary ahead of time to request and extra pickup.

“A very nice lady helped me with everything,” said Peggy Bozem. “She told me exactly how much it was going to cost and I OK’ed it.”

Between paper plates, Christmas cards and presents, holidays can generate more trash than normal.

“You know how kids are when they unwrap the gifts, paper everywhere,” added Bozem.

Grover Beach resident Chyanna Karshner paid extra for garbage after hosting friends and family.

“The lid was probably a few inches away from closing, but I was charged,” said Karshner.

Disposal companies like South County Sanitary will charge customers extra anytime trash, recycle or green waste bin cannot close or if items are placed outside the bin.

Bozem said she paid less than $10 for each additional bag and thinks the extra charge keeps the neighborhood clean.

“Otherwise it would be spilling in the street,” Bozem said.

However, some like Karshner don’t agree with the extra cost.

“I don’t think it’s fair that they would charge us extra for trash if we’ve already been charged for the service,” Karshner said.

To avoid additional charges after Christmas, Karshner plans to consolidate her holiday trash.

“I’m going to break down boxes and keep them in my garage and slowly put them in as the weeks come by,” she said.

Some services like Paso Robles Waste and Recycle also offer free Christmas tree pick up.

For those companies that will pick up your tree, all you have to do is take off ornaments lights and bows and cut the tree if it is taller than 6 feet.

Then place it on the curb on your regular trash day for pickup.

According to its website, fake trees or trees with fake snow will not be accepted.

Garbage in many places across the Central Coast was not picked up Christmas day, but many services will resume Wednesday on a special schedule.

Check your trash company’s website for details on your trash day.