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Judge grants temporary restraining order for tenants of Paso Robles apartment named in lawsuit

Posted at 2:37 PM, May 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-29 17:37:07-04

Resources are being provided for tenants of a Paso Robles apartment complex that was named in a class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed against Grand View Apartments on Spring Street earlier this month.

The lawsuit claims the complex is unsafe to live in due to an insect and vermin infestation, severe mold problem, and dangerous gas and electric lines, among other issues.

On Wednesday, the SLO Legal Assistance Foundation said a San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge had granted emergency orders requested from the foundation, as well as the Hutkin Law Firm, on behalf of apartment tenants.

SLOLAF says a temporary restraining order was granted, which will require the owners and manager of the apartments to make improvements and at least temporarily stop collecting rent.

The foundation says a full hearing is scheduled for July 11.

“This is an excellent result for the tenants at Grand View Apartments, who have put up with too much for too long,” SLOLAF Legal Director Stephanie Barclay said in a press release, “But this is just the beginning. We intend to make sure that Grand View Apartments are put in safe and habitable condition for the tenants before any more rent is collected, that the tenants are properly relocated while the repairs are being made, and are ultimately compensated for the damages they suffered.”

The lawsuit lists issues including raw sewage outside of the apartment units, water leaks in sinks and showers, frequent lack of hot water, flooding in the parking lot, broken windows, sewage backup, roof leaks, improperly placed stoves, damaged flooring, a lack of air conditioners, malfunctioning refrigerators and heaters, and a lack of functioning smoke and CO2 detectors.

The plaintiffs say they suffered for several years from flu-like symptoms, allergies, stomach pains, headaches, rashes, and what are believed to be insect bites. The plaintiffs claim that when they would tell the on-site handyman or property manager about the issues, they were bounced back and forth between the two or “given excuses for why the problems could not be fixed.”