Adopt a pet for little to no cost during Clear the Shelters event

Posted at 6:34 PM, Aug 17, 2019
Adopt a pet for little to no cost during Clear the Shelters event

Today marks the official start to the 5th annual Clear the Shelters event.

The national event which runs through Sunday, August 18, aims at placing pets that are in 1,400 animal shelters or adoption agencies in homes for little to no cost... with some local shelters and organizations participating.

"This gets us out in the community and lets everybody know how important it is to adopt and we do our best to make it affordable for ever body," said MEOW Co. volunteer Tina Salcido.

Diane Hahn who was at the event facilitated by MEOW Co. at the Petsmart in San Luis Obispo said she is happy to see events like this taking place especially with so many animals in need.

"I think it's awesome that they are waiving the fees because usually when you think about adoptions. a lot of people are hesitant because the fees are usually a little bit higher," said Petsmart shopper Diane Hahn. "But just the fact that they are doing that is awesome."

Your new pet may come with some additional goodies such as food, toys and could even walk out with a free first vet visit.

Animals, like those at the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society, already come neutered or spayed, vaccinated and even microchipped.

For a complete list of the participating shelters and organizations click here.