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DMV license renewal requirements for CA drivers 70+ are back after pandemic pause

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Posted at 4:51 PM, Mar 30, 2023

DMV license renewal requirements for drivers in California who are 70 years and older are back as of January 1 after being on pause during the pandemic.

Drivers who are 70+ will need to go in person to renew their license rather than by mail or online and they'll also have to take a written test and eye exam.
These requirements aren’t new. They’ve actually been in place since 1978, but Governor Gavin Newsom temporarily waived the law in October 2020.

That waiver expired in December of last year.

“It's really unnecessary. Yeah. I don't feel like if they got rid of it, then they might as well leave it gone," said Jamal Clewis who is visiting California.

There are mixed feelings about what should be required for drivers in this age group.

“I think that's actually a really good idea because I know as we get older, our vision starts to be impaired and our cognitive sense starts to be impaired," said Santa Maria resident Michael Sterling.

The DMV states it doesn’t set age limits for older people keeping their driver’s licenses. Their website says it wants to help people maintain their “driving independence".

“I think more and more of us in that age group are trying very hard to be as healthy as we can. We try to get regular eye exams to improve our safety. I want to be able to drive as long as I can and be safe," explained Arroyo Grande resident Mary Richards.

The DMV sends a renewal notice to your address of record about 60 days before your license expires and encourages people to study the California Driver Handbook ahead of time

The DMV has a "Senior Driver Ombudsman" section to address the concerns of seniors as it relates to safe driving.

To reach the Los Angeles and Central Coast Counties branch you can call (310) 615-3552. To access the senior guide for driving you can go to this link.