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New CA laws that will impact parents and their little ones

Posted at 10:42 PM, Dec 19, 2019

Come 2020 new laws from online privacy to minimum wage and rent control will take effect... including laws having to do with parents and their little ones.

Senate Bill 83 says parents will have more time to care for their children by increasing the time for paid family leave.

Paid family leave is currently allocated six weeks, but that will soon be bumped up to eight weeks come July first of next year.

"Any amount of extra days makes an impact," said Tim Myer, a father and resident of Nipomo.

Another new law is Senate Bill 142.

California businesses have been required to provide nursing mothers breaks to express their milk, and for many mothers that meant running to the bathroom to do so.

SB142 will now require businesses to designate a specific and appropriate area where mothers can go about their business.

"I never thankfully had a working environment that crossed over with needing to nurse... but even just being in any public place no matter what- even if you're fully covered you get judged by somebody," said Faith Myer, a mother and resident of Nipomo.

Lastly, Senate Bill 419 prevents schools from suspending fourth through eighth grade students for being disruptive or defying teachers and staff.

Instead schools are encouraged to counsel the students.

Kindergartners through third graders already have this protection set in place.

Senate Bill 419 notes that students can still be suspended for violence, bringing a weapon or illegal drugs to school.