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New Year means new laws for California

Posted at 6:34 PM, Dec 31, 2019

New Year... new laws.

As California rings in the new year, many news laws will also go into effect.

The close to 900 pieces of legislation signed by Governor Newsom alone, touch on a variety of issues and subjects.

Housing has and will continue to be an issue for California, but Assembly Bill 1482 will cap annual rent increases at 5% plus inflation.

Some think it could be a good thing, but they said only time will tell.

"I still live with my parents but should I ever want to move out and rent that is a plus for us. But, who knows how that will affect the whole real estate market," said 18-year-old Christian Chavez, a resident of Santa Maria.

Assembly 68 also aims to address the housing crisis by making it cheaper and faster for Californians to build accessory dwelling units on their property.

Wildfires are also no stranger to those who live in the state.

There are several new laws pertaining to wildfires, but there is one that says caregivers can now face civil penalties and fines if they abandon those they care for in an event such as a wildfire.

"You just need to be prepared at all times... even when there isn't a fire close by- always be prepared. Especially with the people you are taking care of," said Lidia Olvera, a caregiver and resident of Santa Maria.

From criminal justice, to healthcare, and the environment, there seems to be a new law for many parts of our everyday lives.

Taking a smoke at state beaches and parks will also now cost you... $25 to be exact.

Senate Bill 8 bans smoking of any kind at state beaches and parks.

It also makes it illegal to throw away your cigarette butts anywhere other than in waste bins.

"I think it encourages our beaches and our recreation areas to be a health related item and I like that idea," said Maureen Mahoney, nurse and Arroyo Grande resident.

Other laws going into effect have to do with employment, animal rights and protections, and education. For a more complete list click here.

Many of the soon to be enacted laws were signed by Governor Newsom, however other laws like the minimum wage increase were signed in previous years.