California voters could no longer be registered with their prefered political party

Posted at 11:43 PM, Dec 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-14 02:43:58-05

Hundreds of Californians have discovered they are no longer registered with their preferred political party.

Election officials are encouraging voters to check their voter registration status.

They say the Department of Motor Vehicles automated registrations program could be to blame for the mix-up.

The mix-up means many voters are now registered as "no party preference" voters.

For primary elections, voters have to be registered with the preferred party in order to vote their party's ballot.

"We encourage voters to go ahead and double check that record and if there is a problem- if they wanted to change their party affiliation then we can do so. We can rectify these situations for voters... there is enough time to be able to update their record," said Tommy Gong, San Luis Obispo County clerk recorder.

No party preference voters have the option to cross over and vote in one of three different party ballots... the Democratic Party, the American Independent Party, or the Libertarian Party ballot.

To vote on the Republican ballot you need to be registered as a Republican.

Jeff Copeland says he still needs to register to vote and did not realize there was a problem registering at the DMV while getting a new California license.

"I recently moved back from Minnesota so I was not aware that was an issue," said Copeland.

The DMV said the problem with its new motor voter registration system is an isolated case and that any reports of large scale issues are unsubstantiated.

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