Allan Hancock College COVID-19 vaccine requirement goes into effect

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Posted at 6:49 PM, Oct 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-05 22:44:33-04

In order to be able to go to class, Allan Hancock College students are now required to be screened every day and have the COVID-19 vaccine. Those who are not vaccinated need to show a negative COVID test.

"I think it's good for getting past COVID,” one student said.

School administrators say this will be a permanent mandate moving forward.

"Every day they are using electronic screening tools to come on campus. So the students who are vaccinated, they can do what we are calling the 'fast pass.' It's a sticker on their ID card they can show it as they are coming on campus,” said Allan Hancock College President and Superintendent Kevin G. Walthers.

Walthers says many students have already received their “fast pass.”

“I just showed them my card and I got this sticker just today and there was no hassle for me,” said second-year student Nicholas Bruno.

Other students who are not vaccinated said it is a hassle for them to get tested in order to come on campus but they prefer to do that instead of getting the shot.

For those who don't comply with testing, Walthers said there is another option available.

"They are going to have to take online classes. They are not allowed to come on campus or access our library services so they have to be completely remote,” said Walthers.

Free testing will be available every day for students.

As of right now, college officials say out of nearly 8,000 students who are enrolled, 6,000 have already been fully vaccinated.