Local salon owners share frustration after second closure is announced due to COVID-19

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-16 00:18:01-04

Many businesses in Santa Barbara County had to close their doors again earlier this week, after the governor's latest coronavirus-related orders.

The owners of Coiffure Society Salon in Santa Maria said they were frustrated because they took all the required safety measures and extra steps to make sure clients were safe.

Owners said sanitation is something they have followed their whole career.

"The sanitation prior to COVID should've been exactly the same as what it is now," said Coiffure Society Salon owner Bambi Ruiz Padilla.

Coiffure salon added additional measures like waivers, touch-less thermometers, medical-grade trash cans, hair vacuums, and much more.

All of which are investments and safety procedures that are now on hold until the county can reopen.

"If they could come into the salons and see all the steps we need to take as precautionary measures for COVID, then perhaps they'd change their minds," said co-owner Pauline Halop.

While other business owners are trying to find different ways to stay open like operating outside, the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology told Coiffure that hair salons were not allowed to take that route.

"They said absolutely not, you cannot take anything outside just because it is, I guess, with our license through the state, it has to be inside an established location," said co-owner Mary Davila.

For now, salon owners want to encourage other businesses to keep up with both county and board orders.

"If it wasn't for Mary, who calls in on the daily or on the weekly basis and checks for all of us, then we'd be in the dark like other people," Padilla said.

Santa Barbara County says the closures will be in effect through August 12.