Lompoc Valley Medical Center now vaccinating food and agriculture workers

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Posted at 7:17 PM, Mar 15, 2021

Lompoc Valley Medical Center is continuing its efforts to vaccinate different sectors in the community.

For the next three days, Lompoc Valley Medical Center will be administering about 250 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines daily to food and agriculture workers.

"We gotta do what we have to do, especially for me because I cook and I don't want my customers to get sick,” said Catarina Agate, owner of La Botte Italian Restaurant.

Many local business owners are now able to get vaccinated after finding out last Friday spots were opening up.

"I just went ahead and jumped on it and got a call within an hour. I reached out to my employees,” said Antonio Rodriguez, owner of Floriano's Mexican Food in Lompoc.

About 1,170 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were dedicated to different sectors.

"The next three days we will be doing food workers, restaurants, ag workers, wineries,” Dr. Naishadh Buch said, as well as grocery store workers.

For Transcendence Winery owner Sara Gummere, the constant interactions with customers can be risky, which is why getting a vaccine was so important for her to do.

"You don't want to have to feel like you have to close your business down, quarantine for two weeks all the time. It's really stressful, especially having been closed so much this last year,” Gummere said.

This is why Gummere let her employees know the opportunity to get the vaccine was available.

"It was absolutely the right thing to do when you are customer facing and I feel really lucky that Sara had given me a call to say, 'hey, there's an opportunity,'” said Shannon Henley, an employee at Transcendence Winery.

If you work in the food or agriculture sector, your employer needs to give the hospital a list of the people interested in order to get the vaccine.

According to health officials, nearly 50 Lompoc businesses have requested vaccinations for their employees so far.