More Central Coast workers face layoffs, furloughs as businesses struggle during pandemic

Posted at 6:53 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 21:57:19-04

Unemployment rates are skyrocketing across the country and it's no different on the Central Coast.

Businesses as new as Finney's Crafthouse to more established global employers like Mindbody, announced major staffing cuts Thursday morning.

Lilian Miles started as a server right when Finney's Crafthouse in downtown San Luis Obispo opened for the first time in January, but just two months later, she's out of work.

"I'm just watching how it was panning out for the rest of the world in places like Italy and Spain. I knew it was bound to happen, so I kind of prepared myself for that as best as I could, not that it made it any easier," Miles said.

She's just one of more than six million Americans filing for unemployment.

"The greatest part about working in the service industry is you almost, if you have the experience, it's always easy to find the job, so it's a very strange thing that we are the ones being laid off and can't really find any other work," Miles said.

Managers at Finney's are pushing to drive up sales to get their workforce back.

"We've laid off about 95% of our staff. It was truly heartbreaking not having any sales, any business," said Ashley Cutter, a managing partner at Finney's Crafthouse. "There's no work for people. I'm new to this as well so I'm trying to be there for my staff."

The owner of Finney's, Greg Finefrock, created a GoFundMe Page to help support some of the people without work.

Economists said after this temporary financial crisis settles down, businesses will pick up and people will start spending again.

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