Only some San Luis Obispo bars will remain open for this Fourth of July weekend

Posted at 6:37 PM, Jun 30, 2020

With bars in many California counties closing once again due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, San Luis Obispo County Public Health officials are encouraging people to celebrate at home this 4th of July weekend.

Although bars in San Luis Obispo County have not being told to close, health officials say it could still happen and some businesses are choosing to do it anyway.

SLO County Public Information Officer Michelle Shoresman says, "We haven't closed bars in this county. There are seven counties that were ordered by the governor to close bars. We have not taken that measure yet although it's not to say that we won't take that measure."

A spike in COVID-19 cases recently in the county is being attributed to community spread and local health officials said that includes people who reported going to bars.

This has created a concern for the upcoming holiday weekend.

"We're really just discouraging leisure travel in general, and with the 4th of July holiday coming up, we are just encouraging everyone to celebrate with their immediate family members," Shoresman said.

Scott Barnes, a county resident, agrees and said people should just stay home.

"I know people are going to come over go to the beach, go to bars and restaurants or buy alcohol and do their own thing but they need to realize they need to protect themselves and everyone around them," Barnes said.

Mccarthy's Irish Pub in Downtown San Luis Obispo announced its plan to be closed all day Saturday.

Others are staying open but say they have safety measures in place.

Luna Red Bar and Grill manager Peter Neundorfer says they will stay open this upcoming Saturday.

"A little concerned about the influx but we definitely have a system here to kinda help control the volume we have through the doors to make sure that everybody can be safe," said Neundorfer.

For those who do decide to stay home to celebrate, Luna Red will provide take-out options like cocktail mixers and burger packages.

"We're kinda hoping that that might help some people who are looking to have a good time this 4th be able to enjoy that experience somewhere that's a little more comfortable for them,” said Neundorfer.

"Celebrate the 4th, be outside, enjoy your family but stay away from those large gatherings, especially indoor gatherings and bars and any other number of indoor locations would be part of that,” said Shoresman.

The Health Department is encouraging people to wear masks and continue following stay-at-home orders, especially if you’re not feeling well.