Starting Wednesday Americans will be able to order free COVID-19 rapid tests online

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Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 17, 2022

Half a billion COVID-19 rapid tests will be available for Americans to order online starting Wednesday.

The Biden administration says this is an effort to ensure people have rapid tests on hand when needed, something that pharmacies are struggling to keep in stock.

The hunt for rapid tests is ongoing.

“It’s been difficult they’re scarce.  I think I’ve gone to five pharmacies and nobody had them. Only one gave hope of getting them soon," said Todd Ventura.

Starting Wednesday Americans will be able to order online up to four rapid COVID-19 tests per household.

“I think it’s wonderful you know anything to get over this I’m all for it," said Martha Dubois.

“I think home testing is a good thing and having the accessibility to them is a good thing. Anytime you can test and sort of treat yourself without having to overwhelm the medical community that’s a good thing," said Ventura.

Some community members are hesitant about rapid tests. Holly Nelson said she would want her employees to do a PCR test instead.

“I’d rather they get tested at you know at a place where they can get their results in three days because I just don’t trust those tests. Like I said I took two of them and got a positive. I went there (pointing at an urgent care facility) and got a negative and I went there and got a negative it’s confusing you know," said Nelson.

White House officials say they are partnering with the postal service and the test kits will usually ship within seven to 12 days directly to the household. Shipping will also be at no cost.

All that is required is a name and mailing address. No credit card information is needed.

Starting Wednesday this website will go live although there is no set time when that might be. The White House also says there will be a phone line for anyone who might not have access to the internet and they can place their orders that way.

The White House says 500 million tests will be available once the website launches. You can order tests through this website.