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Morro Bay City Council candidates outline vision for town’s future at forum

Posted at 6:22 PM, Sep 25, 2018

Nearly 100 residents turned out to the Community Center on Monday to hear how candidates for both the city council and mayor positions would fix a number of issues Morro Bay is dealing with.

During the forum hosted by the League of Woman Voters, candidates pointed out the division among residents on these issues. They all agreed there is common ground to move the town forward.

On the financial front, several candidates including council candidate Jeff Heller rang the alarm. Heller said it needs to be addressed before the city “falls into the hands of the county.”

Council candidate Betty Winholtz said she has concerns surrounding Morro Bay’s financial situation.  “There are indicators something is amiss,” she said. Winholtz previously served on the City Council and said, “knowledge is needed [on the council] at this point.”

Teacher Dawn Addis said residents as a whole “should be at the center of financial decisions.” Addis said she has a five-point focus for the council that includes making decisions to bolster the local economy, balancing the budget, clean energy, housing options, and making sure all voices from the community are heard.

Jesse Barron, a veteran and has worked in public administration said his top priority is repairing a fractured community. He also wants a reexamination of the vacation rental ordinance — a topic many residents have concerns with.

Jan Goldman, a retired special education teacher, supports the water reclamation project and said it is “time to get it done.”

To hear the vision and ideas from mayoral candidates John Headding and John Weiss, watch the video above.

The forum in its entirety can be found on repeat on SLO Span channel and when it is posted in full on its website in the coming days.