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Cal Poly students turn out to vote

Posted at 12:35 PM, Nov 06, 2018

Cal Poly students could have a big impact this election.

The university won a statewide competition between California colleges to register the most students to vote – more than 3,100.

“Everybody that I know is very adamant about voting and very excited to get out there and finally have a voice because we’re all finally old enough,” one sophomore said.

She’s one of many turning out in droves to make their young voices heard and their civic duty is having a ripple effect on one another.

“I’ve heard a lot of like, ”Oh, you’re voting too? I gotta go do it, gotta go drop off my ballot’,” said political science student Eric Houghton.

Many students said Measure G regarding fracking, Prop 10 on rent control and the San Luis Obispo mayoral races are the most important issues on the ballots for them.

“Sometimes I don’t think my vote might count or the thing I’m voting for might not win but it’s still important to voice my opinion,” freshman Jeffery Romeo said.

“I think everyone just wants their voice to be heard and they want change now,” Houghton said.

Students on campus are casting their ballots in the University Union Tuesday.

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