Results show majority of SLO Co. voters in favor of sales tax measures

Posted at 6:14 PM, Nov 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 23:38:01-05

Voters in five San Luis Obispo County cities cast ballots on sales tax measures in this election.

The results so far show the majority of SLO County voters were in favor of the sales tax measures but some voters say they’re not happy about it.

"We are already hurting financially, we were hurting financially even before the pandemic so this isn't a good time to start taxing people,” said Teresa Bruce, San Luis Obispo resident.

The sales tax in every SLO County city is currently 7.75%. If the measures on the November ballot are approved, residents are looking at a 1% increase.

"We should hold off on any raise of any taxes, property tax or taxes on anything at the moment,” said Phillip Taylor, San Luis Obispo resident.

Although some don't agree with the possibility of raising sales taxes, business owner Ali Jansen said she feels like this will help the City of San Luis Obispo in a positive way.

"As a second-generation business owner, I feel like, you know, it's a responsibility and an opportunity I have to work in my business and then also raise money for our city to provide services for our community,” Jansen said.

San Luis Obispo's city manager says nearly 70% of sales tax dollars are generated from tourists and visitors, making this a way to receive revenues from people who don't live here.

"The city, like I said, has already been so supportive of the economic recovery of our businesses with Open SLO, I just want to make sure our city has the resources to support our local business,” Jansen said.

Results as of Wednesday evening:

  • Measure D, Atascadero - 61% yes, 39% no
  • Measure E, Morro Bay - 60% yes, 40% no
  • Measure F, Grover Beach - 54% yes, 46% no
  • Measure G, San Luis Obispo - 60% yes, 40% no
  • Measure J, Paso Robles - 58% yes, 42% no

In Pismo Beach, voters passed a measure to hike the hotel and visitors' tax by 1%.