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Salud Carbajal facing Brad Allen for District 24 congressional seat

Congressional District 24 is on the ballot for these midterm elections. Democratic incumbent Salud Carbajal is seeking reelection for a 4th term. Dr. Brad Allen is the candidate running for the Republican party.
Posted at 4:46 PM, Oct 27, 2022
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Congressional District 24 is on the ballot for these midterm elections. Democratic incumbent Salud Carbajal is seeking reelection for a fourth term. Challenging him is Republican candidate Dr. Brad Allen.

“Having served in Congress now, I have a record, one that reflects that I’ve been effective in delivering solutions for the Central Coast, for community projects, for public safety, emergency first responder projects, to health, to recreation, to parks,” said Carbajal.

The primary election in June helped narrow down the candidates running for Congress. Carbajal took the lead with nearly 60% of the votes. Dr. Allen secured the second spot with close to 33% of the votes.

“Not only a fresh perspective but I worked at the VA for seven years, so I got to see how government works, but I also worked at state universities, Canada, private practice,” said Dr. Allen. “I got to see where government is good and where government is bad.”

Carbajal was first elected in 2016. His background includes serving in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve as well as a Santa Barbara County supervisor for 12 years.

“Climate change, housing costs, addressing issues that keep our community safe, making sure that the civil rights of everyone are protected, especially women in light of the Dobbs decision that took away rights from women to have access to an abortion and to reproductive healthcare,” explained Carbajal.

Dr. Allen is a researcher, businessman and pediatric heart surgeon with 40 years of experience. He previously ran for Congress in 2014.

“We need to stop spending. We need to cut back on business regulations. I'm a small business owner, I know what that does to businesses. It hurts the supply chain, it hurts the hiring, and it also drives up inflation because it drives up business cost,” said Dr. Allen. “Another thing is crime, one of the main roles of government is to keep the streets safe and we’re not doing that.”

While Carbajal and Allen have different strategies to tackle issues impacting residents on the Central Coast, they both agree on the importance of cracking down on inflation.

When it comes to the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, both candidates agree on keeping it open for the next couple of years.

Carbajal and Allen also say they think it is key to collaborate with people across the aisle regardless of party preference.

“I think it’s time to start sending people with real-life experience, real wisdom and that are problem solvers back there, not more career politicians because they are the ones who keep creating these problems,” said Allen.

“I am extremely hopeful and optimistic that the residents of the Central Coast will re-elect me to continue representing them, to fight for the Central Coast values in Washington,” added Carbajal.

To learn more about their positions on a wide range of issues including education, homelessness and immigration, you can visit their campaign websites.

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