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Two candidates vying for Grover Beach mayoral seat

City of Grover Beach
Posted at 5:54 PM, Oct 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-17 22:39:12-04

This November, the City of Grover Beach will name a new mayor.

Karen Bright and Stacy Korsagaden will both be on the ballot for the November 8th election.

Both candidates have lived in the City of Grover Beach for more than 30 years.

“I know the businesspeople; I know the people that reside here so I am excited to be running for Grover Beach mayor," said Korsagaden.

“My children grew up here. My grandchildren are growing up here. They are going to the same schools their father and aunt did," said Bright.

Bright has been on the Grover Beach city council for 12 years and said her experience in this role and involvement in the city make her a qualified candidate.

“Because of my track record. It shows I am compassionate, fair, ethical, and work towards solutions that will benefit our city and residents," said Bright.

She said if elected, her top three goals would be to increase affordable housing, help alleviate homelessness, and keep pushing economic development in the city.

“I am very anxious to make sure that we continue to move the city forward in the positive path, the path we’ve been on I believe has been on an upward trajectory," explained Bright.

Korsagaden, a business owner in the city since 1999, has run for district three supervisor twice and said she used that momentum in her run for mayor.

“My goal is to serve my community in a government fashion," said Korsagaden.

Korsagden’s goals include focusing on homelessness, public safety, and working to have a less intrusive government.

“The qualities I bring to the job are honesty, and integrity, I will question the government. I will want the public input," stated Korsagaden.

Whoever wins this election will replace Jeff Lee who has served as mayor since 2018.

The new mayor will serve a two-year term taking effect this December.