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Kristin Smart murder trial on break rest of week

A reason for the delay was not given
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Posted at 1:22 PM, Sep 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-13 22:16:40-04

The Kristin Smart murder trial is on an un unexpected break the rest of the week.

Following an emotional day of testimony in court Monday, Monterey County Superior Court officials Tuesday morning first said court would resume the following day before announcing court would be dark the rest of the week.

A reason for the delay was not given.

The trial for Paul and Ruben Flores, charged in connection with the murder of Kristin Smart in 1996, began nearly two months ago in Salinas.

On the stand once again Monday was the woman who claims Paul told her where Smart’s body was buried.

Jennifer Hudson broke down in tears several times and told jurors she feels "partially responsible for the Smart's suffering all these years."

She testified that she did not tell anyone about a 1996 conversation she had with Paul when she says he told her he buried Kristin’s body in Huasna. Through tears, she says not telling anyone about it sooner is her "only demon."

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Jennifer Goodwin

Paul’s attorney questioned Hudson for several hours about inconsistencies he says were in the story she told investigators about her two encounters with Paul.

Justin Goodwin, a friend and former roommate of Hudson, also testified Monday.

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Justin Goodwin

Court is scheduled to resume Monday at 8:30 a.m.

Paul is charged with murder in connection with Kristin’s disappearance. Witnesses say she was last seen on the Cal Poly campus with Paul Flores after returning from an off-campus party.

Ruben is charged as an accessory, accused of helping hide the body.

While Kristin has never been found, she was declared legally dead in 2002.