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Rain comes as Lake Nacimiento sits at 11 percent capacity, area residents continue fight

Posted at 12:11 AM, Nov 29, 2018

As rain entered the Central Coast, Lake Nacimiento was 11 percent full. Residents around the lake that has docks hugging the dry ground below relished the rain.

So far this year, the lake had received .54 inches of rain. That could change in the coming month with an El Nino expected and a wetter winter ahead. In 2017, the lake notched more than nine inches of rain.

Regardless of how much water falls, area residents will still take issue with the management of the Nacimiento Reservoir, one designed for irrigation, flood control, groundwater recharge, and recreation.

Surrounding residents say Monterey County is disregarding its recreational responsibility.

The Nacimiento Regional Water Management Advisory Committee has brought the battle to the courts in hopes of forcing better management of the lake’s resources.

“We have fought back by filing an appeal with the California State Water Board circumventing the court and then additionally we are preparing to file our own lawsuit against Monterey in San Luis Obispo court,” stated NRWMAC.

The committee has pointed to the low levels and its impact on residents.

“If the lake stays the way it is, it will drastically in a negative way affect their property value,” said Bruce McFadden, who is on the advisory committee. “So we want to get the word out to people even if you don’t use the lake to recreate, it affects your property values.”

The GoFundMe page for NRWMAC has raised nearly more than $96,000 to help with court costs. The group aims to raise $500,000 for the process.

The committee represented 6,500 homes around the lake as well as local businesses. It will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday evening at F. Mclintocks in Paso Robles.

We reached out to Monterey County officials but have yet to hear back.