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New SLO housing development would add 700+ residential units

Posted at 6:07 PM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 22:07:49-05

Three housing developments are in the works near Laurel Ln. in San Luis Obispo.

Altogether, they add up to nearly 900 units for future renters and buyers.

Laurel Creek Village is the biggest of the three developments. It will re-develop the Atoll Business Park on Laurel Ln.

It’ll have studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. It’s geared toward young professionals and working families.

“The Laurel Creek project proposes 702 residential units, about 50,000 square feet in retail and it’s proposed as an apartment village type of complex with amenities, pools and parks,” said Doug Davidson, City of San Luis Obispo Community Development Deputy Director.

It’ll be located next to Laurelwood Estates, a small, quiet community with around 45 homes that have been there for a couple of decades.

“I don’t have any objection to the new housing because I think we need some more housing in San Luis Obispo,” said Pam Van Leeuwen, Laurelwood Estates resident.

“On a bus route, next to the bike path, it’s actually a really good location for the proposed use,” said Niel Dilworth, President of the Laurelwood Estates Homeowners Association.

Dilworth says, however, he’s most concerned about the proposal to extend his community’s private street, Lexington Court, and make it a secondary access road to the new development.

Twenty-two single-family homes are on the street now with a lot of young families who play outside and others who enjoy the quiet.

“I’m concerned they would all move away if this street became the subject of so much traffic,” Dilworth said.

“It’s nice to keep this community like it is,” Van Leeuwen added.

Nearby Laurel Ln. went from four lanes to two lanes not long ago to allow for wider bike lanes and sidewalk space which could be problematic with more residents.

“The question is, is what’s the traffic study going to say about it,” Dilworth added.

An environmental impact report will eventually be done.

Eight percent of the units will be for low-income. One-hundred of the 702 condo units are anticipated to go up for sale. The rest will be for rent.

The city says the Crux Climbing Gym already on the property could be part of the project. The city also says there will be more than 1,100 parking spots, 1,600 spaces for bicycles and 56 motorcycle spots.

The applicant will take the feedback from last week’s planning commission conceptual review meeting and will revise the plans.

KSBY talked with the developer and he says the project is in its early stages but he’s talked with more than 100 community members about the project as they’re working to nail down plans.