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Cold weather keeping heater repair companies busy

Posted at 6:02 PM, Feb 20, 2019

Cold temperatures across the Central Coast are keeping heating companies busy.

Freeze and frost advisories are making people want to stay inside and crank the heat but some are finding their systems are broken when they need it most.

“The other morning I woke up and the house temperature was 59 degrees so I figured, better turn the heater on,” said Barbara Cherbak, Atascadero resident.

Kenneth’s Heating and Air says it’s having one of its busiest seasons yet with more than 30 calls per day.

“Below freezing temperatures, it can be hard for homes to heat up and a lot of the older homes out in the country use propane and that can change with cold temperatures so we do start to see it pick up,” said Kenneth Smith, president of Kenneth’s Heating and Air in Atascadero.

Cherback has a propane heater but says she uses a catalytic converter to heat just the bedrooms.

“It keeps it toasty back there rather than heat the whole house so we can conserve energy,” Cherback said.

Smith recommends using heating systems every so often.

“If you don’t maintain them and if you don’t use them don’t expect when the in-laws are there and everyone’s there for Christmas Eve and you don’t use it, don’t expect it,” Smith said.

Even though it may seem cold, he says people are already prepping for warmer temperatures.

“People now are prepping if they are looking at furnaces, now they are trying to add AC. We are doing a lot more air conditioning units than furnaces so you would be surprised,” Smith said.

“We have a tendency to be little sissys, but if you put your hat and gloves and jacket on, you will be okay,” Cherba k said.

Smith recommends checking your heating system’s filtration system and outside roof caps to see if they are dirty or rusty which can happen, especially after rain.

This can help technicians pinpoint problems with your heating system.

Kenneth’s Heating and Air is booked out about four to five days for installation but takes calls for same-day repairs.