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CHP prepares for traffic hazards from wet conditions

Posted at 11:03 PM, Mar 05, 2019

Rain can make for dangerous driving conditions.

CHP responded to a number of weather-related incidents across the Central Coast Tuesday.

Both the San Luis Obispo and Templeton CHP headquarters say officers were busy, but they expect to be even busier overnight and Wednesday.

“We can correlate where and when the weather is coming based on the call volume and types of calls,”said Officer Mike Poelking, CHP SLO spokesperson.

One moment you are driving on the road, and the next you’re in a ditch.

Officer Poelking says officers responded to a number of these types of incidents.

“Spin outs, hydroplaning, rollover type collisions from once again water being on the roadways, people just not slowing down enough in those inclement conditions,” said Officer Poelking.

One vehicle hydroplaned and rolled into a ditch off Los Berros Road before El Campo in Arroyo Grande.

Standing water on roadways can cause hydroplaning.

Officers recommend slowing down so you don’t spin out and hit an embankment like one car did on Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo around 7 p.m.

“Simply let off of the gas, accelerator pedal and steer through it, don’t panic and do an emergency braking application,” said Officer Poelking.

CHP is not the only agency prepping for the aftermath of active weather.

A PG&E spokesperson says their team also has a response plan, telling people to be prepared for power outages.

“If your car hits a downed powerline, the strong recommendation is to stay inside,” said Mark Mesesan, PG&E spokesperson. “The safest place is in your car since the ground around your car could be energized.”

Instead, Mesesan says roll down a window, yell for help and wait for emergency crews to give the okay to get out of the car.

“Our emergency operations center is fully activated at this hour,” said Mesesan. “PG&E has crews working all night and even more scheduled to come in at four Wednesday morning.”