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Reunited at last: Central Coast couple forced to live apart 14 years finds space under 1 roof

Posted at 5:03 PM, Mar 14, 2019

The Central Coast couple who shared a special Valentine’s Day meal together after living apart for 14 years are now living together once again after space opened up at the woman’s senior living center in San Luis Obispo.

A nurse at the Mission View Health Center confirmed Thursday that Steven Pryor moved in with his wife, Debbie, last week.

The couple’s story pulled on heartstrings as it was revealed that Steven Pryor was living at a senior center in Morro Bay while his wife was receiving specialized care at her San Luis Obispo senior residence.

Up until now, the couple has been meeting at a San Luis Obispo County McDonald’s once a week to share lunch, taking public transportation to the restaurant then back to their own separate facilities.

Their story of separation was so heartbreaking for one woman who volunteers distributing flowers from Trader Joe’s to local seniors that the woman, Teena Colbook, arranged a special Valentine’s Day meal at Tahoe Joe’s.

The couple shared a meal and exchanged gifts thanks to help from Colbook and the SLO Menu Club.

Now, the Pryors can spend less time taking the bus across town to meet and more time making memories together under the same roof.

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