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Morro Bay man pinned, injured by motorist on Highway 101 after vehicle breaks down

Posted at 11:39 PM, Apr 11, 2019

Alex Raban has already forgiven the man who pinned his legs between two vehicles this week, even if his legs aren’t anywhere close to healing.

Nearing sunset, Raban and his girlfriend had their vehicle break down along Highway 1, just south of Morro Bay on Monday.

The two dialed AAA.

“As I’m on the phone, I notice a guy a quarter mile ahead of us, stopped and pulled over, got out of his car and was signaling us seeing if we needed help,” Raban recalled.

The man reversed in the shoulder and stopped about six feet short of Raban’s vehicle. “In this process, I’m watching this guy almost hit two other cars, asking what the hell is happening.” Raban said when the man approached, he appeared possibly intoxicated.

After declining the man’s help, he proceeded to get into his car. Still in reverse, the man hit the gas and slammed into Raban, pinning his legs between the vehicles.

“At this point, I almost blacked out, thinking this is not real and turn around and almost collapse on the ground and I just see him taking off.”

The collision caused damage to ligaments, a small fracture to Raban’s tibia and deep bruising. He will have to wait for further evaluation on long term damage.

California Highway Patrol is investigating and the person responsible could face stiff penalties.

“It’s construed as an injury hit and run and could be a felony,” Mike Peolking said, CHP SLO Public Information Officer. Peolking said this type of situation is rare and encourages any one who witnessed the incident or has information to contact CHP.

Raban, who is remaining upbeat about the situation, says he still wants the man to come forward.

“Own up to what you did. i would just say that. if it’s a mistake, whatever. just come forward and its totally fine. you can’t hide away from things like that.”