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Cambria’s Independence Day fireworks will dazzle thanks to 3 local businesses

Posted at 6:33 PM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 22:52:24-04

You can’t put a price on freedom but the cost of Independence Day fireworks shows is thousands of dollars, which is tough for a small town like Cambria to fund. Some local businesses, though, are teaming up with the American Legion in Cambria to make it happen.

“There’s music, games, pie eating contests and at night, after sunset, the fireworks come on,” said Bob Kasper, a Cambria realtor. “For a little town, the fireworks show is kind of amazing.”

His patriotism is not the only reason Kasper is excited for the annual celebration in Cambria. July 4 is another special anniversary for Kasper.

“My wife and I got engaged on the 4th of July and one of the reasons was I told her she’d be able to see fireworks for the rest of her life on the day we got engaged,” Kasper said.

That’s why Kasper said “yes” when the American Legion of Cambria asked him to step up and help fund this year’s fireworks show.

For more than two decades, the Legion has sponsored the freedom festival at Shamel Park. But the rising cost of pyrotechnics, which has a price tag of more than $16,000 this year, left the budget with a short fuse.

“It’s kind of putting our best foot forward in a sense and that never hurt anybody,” said Linn’s Restaurant owner John Linn.

Linn said the decision to co-sponsor the fireworks display is an investment in his community .

“We have for about 10 years now done a 4th of July pie eating contest and that’s indicative of the support we’ve always had,” Linn said.

Credit: Linn’s


Bob Kasper Real Estate, Linn’s Restaurant and Cambria newcomer Daou Vineyards and Winery are contributing a combined $15,000 to make sure this show goes on. In exchange for their support, the three businesses will receive advertising help from the American Legion.

“It’s just neat the community can come together like that to provide the fireworks,” Kasper said. “Fourth of July and Pinedorado in Cambria are the two things that help define the town and what they are.”