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Grover Beach proposes new sign ordinance and some business owners are concerned

Posted at 7:10 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 22:10:56-04

The City of Grover Beach is looking to update the city’s sign ordinance, and while it’s in the early stages, not everyone is happy about it.

For a lot of business owners on Grand Avenue, their signs are how they get customers in their doors, and with the idea of a new sign ordinance, they are concerned with how that might change.

“I hear multiple times every day, that your signs brought us in,” said Chris Rivas, owner of Station Grill.

For Station Grill, the restaurant’s four signs are a key part of the business, bringing in hungry customers who might never have stopped by otherwise.

This is also a concern for other shop owners in Grover, as the city-proposed sign ordinance could prohibit certain signage in the area.

“It is a drive-thru city and people’s advertising such as flags, using flags and banners is really an important issue,” said Jim Cravens, owner of Asignco Custom Signs.

Under the current proposal, business owners would have to take down those flashy and eye-catching flags and banners, something Rivas hopes doesn’t happen.

“The signs bring me business, that’s why they’re out there,” Rivas said.

Grover Beach City Manager Matthew Bronson says they plan to work with businesses if the updated ordinance is approved.

“Our overall goal is to modernize our sign regulations to reflect new laws, enhance community and streetscape appearance through signage,” Bronson said.

While changes could be on the horizon, business owners hope they can come to a compromise with the city to find a solution that benefits everyone.

“It’s a different group of tourists every week, every month, every day. So it’s important that these things are out for the entire year for people to see,” Cravens said.