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Scores of people rally to support immigrants rights on Central Coast

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-13 12:54:59-04

Local protestors took to the streets to rally against current immigration policies.

Scores of people at Central Park Plaza in Santa Maria and Heritage Park in Arroyo Grande gathered in support of immigrant rights.

People came together in Santa Maria for the National Lights for Liberty Movement.

The movement calls for an end to what organizers call the concentration camps at the border and the terror in local immigrant communities.

About 100 people were at Central Plaza Park, to protest what they call inhumane conditions facing immigrants, “we’re here to ask our federal representatives to acknowledge that seeking asylum is a human right,” said community organizer, Abraham Melendrez.

Melendrez says the problem isn’t just at the border, it’s happening in our own backyards.

“You know people are not going and taking their children to school, not showing up for work, you know not going to get the help that they need because, or doing their jobs, because they’re afraid,” said Melendrez.

Speakers shared their opinions and led a peaceful rally and march towards the Santa Maria City Hall.

Residents also showed support for immigrant rights in Arroyo Grande, where organizers hoped to raise awareness and show their support for immigrants in America.

“America is based on immigrants, that’s how America became strong. So my hope is out of all this conflict we will realize who we are and come out better than ever and have policies in the right direction,” said resident, Ruth Montano.

Melendrez says he hopes the event shows federal representatives that holding migrants in detention facilities is not okay. He also hopes to show the community that people are standing behind them.