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Local businesses trying to help residents beat the heat

Posted at 11:48 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 02:48:38-04

With the temperatures heating up, some residents in northern San Luis Obispo County are having to blast those air conditioning units, but when one of them breaks down, it could create a sticky situation.

“We’re suffering today, it’s pretty out down there right now,” said Grover Beach resident, Jeremiah Hickey.

Temperatures are on the rise as summer is in full swing and residents are looking for ways to cool down.

Paso Robles Heating and Air has been getting their fair share of customers in need of air-conditioning help, “definitely had a huge increase in calls, around the clock people have been calling so we’ve been trying to do our best to get to them as soon as possible,” said service manager, Kirt Vandusen.

The recent heat wave has put Paso Robles Heating and Air technicians to work, in an effort to respond to a large number of customer requests.

“So even on our average days, we have no problem getting all of our technicians 40 hours but these warm days like this they’re typically pulling 55-60 hours a week, sometimes more, depending on how warm it is,” said Vandusen.

For residents without a usable air conditioner, they are turning to certain alternatives to beat the heat.

“We always hope that the ocean breeze will take care of it, but when it doesn’t we just purchased an air-conditioning unit for our window, hopefully, that will help cool it down,” said Hickey.

At Miner’s Ace Hardware in Atascadero, they have seen an increase in customers looking to stay cool and they say they’re prepared.

“We know that once the fair starts to come around, that the temperatures are going to rise and so we make sure to have plenty of stock of all fans, kiddie pools, cobra misters, air conditioners, swamp coolers, and we know a bunch of customers are going to come flocking in for all those items,” said sales associate, Sadie Wessel.

But we do know supplies to cool down are running low, as the temperatures tick up.

Paso Robles Heating and Air say for the most part they’re able to get the air conditioning back on for customers right away.

The increase in business isn’t just at Paso Robles Heating and Air, as other heating and air businesses say that they have also been inundated with calls.