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Oceano WWII veteran celebrates his 100th birthday with special surprise

Posted at 8:11 PM, Jul 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-20 23:59:39-04

Nearly 200 people celebrated a local World War II veteran’s 100th birthday Saturday.

Forrest Frost, or as his friends call him “Frosty”, lives in Oceano and enjoyed a big party to celebrate his birthday and his time serving the United States.

He turned 100-years-old July 19th, 2019, but a crowd gathered at the Elks Lodge in Oceano to throw him a party.

Frosty served at naval air stations and on two separate ships during his time in the Navy.

He says he enlisted because he wanted to chose which branch of the military to join and get paid more than if he had been drafted.

“You just keep going and appreciate what you got, you’ve got a heck of a country you better live up to it,” said Forrest “Frosty” Front.

Frosty was met with a surprise flag line as he was escorted to his party this afternoon.

Close friends and family says he is in good shape and has been active with “Welcome Home Military Heroes” an organization dedicated to supporting service members of the past and present.

Frosty threw out the first pitch at the SLO Blues baseball game Friday.