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Paso Robles man and others stranded in Gilroy as police continue to investigate deadly shooting

Posted at 8:02 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-29 23:02:30-04

A Paso Robles man and many others are stranded in Gilroy as police continue to investigate a deadly shooting at the annual Garlic Festival.

Frank Davis owns Bubble Fun in Paso Robles and rents out bouncy houses and bungees at events like the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

He says his booth was set up on the southeast side of the park near Gate 1.

Police say the shooter cut a hole through a fence at the north side of the park and started firing.

The red circle in the bottom right corner shows where the Bubble Fun tent was set up.
Courtesy: Gilroy Garlic Festival


Davis says fear set in when he saw people screaming and running toward him.

“Once everyone started running, we didn’t know what was happening until one guy spoke really loudly and was yelling, ‘there’s an active shooter,’” said Frank Davis, Bubble Fun owner. “At that moment, the mom pretty much grabbed me and said, ‘can you get my kid out as quick as possible?'”

Davis says he immediately shut down the rides, got the kids to safety and sheltered in place with other families until they found a safe place to run.

“When [police] yell, ‘get down!’ and you got five guys running with assault rifles, with bulletproof vests and that was when people were ducking behind trees, this guy was hovering over his wife,” Davis recalled.

He says the event staff told everyone to gather near an amphitheater.

“The police at that point, when it actually happened, it was instant. Instant sirens, instant helicopters, instant emergency vehicles,” Davis said.

When it was safe, Davis says they walked nearly three-quarters of a mile up a trail to a nearby school.

However, he’s been stranded in Gilroy ever since, unable to get to his belongings inside the festival.

“We are just trying to move forward and try to figure out what to do next,” Davis said.

He says despite the tragedy that unfolded on June 28, he’ll be back next year to support the Gilroy community.

“I love this festival,” Davis said. “I think there will be a good crowd and group of people that will mourn this a year from now and will continue to just grow this thing and make it good.”

According to Davis, police still have the entire festival area blocked off.

He’s hoping to leave town early Tuesday morning to get to another event in Oregon, but for now, all anyone can do is wait.