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Local bakery keeps Mexican heritage and traditions alive through food

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Posted at 6:57 PM, Oct 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-11 20:34:01-05

In operation for 19 years, San Miguel Bakery has made a name for itself in the Paso Robles community, keeping the owners' Mexican heritage and traditions alive through food.

Rosi Juarez and Carmen Uribe are both from Guerrero, Mexico. They came to the United States with a dream of opening up a bakery after coming from a long family line of bakers.

“Since we were little girls, we used to play and pretend to make bread and cakes out of mud," said Carmen Uribe in Spanish.

Their dreams became a reality 19 years ago. Starting in San Miguel, they later relocated to Paso Robles where their business started to grow.

“This bakery, we heard about it like when it originally opened up years back, and ever since then we started coming here," said Paso Robles resident Maricela Nolasco.

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The day at San Miguel Bakery starts at 3 a.m., handmaking all of the pastries for the day.

The owners said they bake around 1,800 pieces of pan dulce or sweet bread. The hot ticket item is conchas, a sweet bread made with flour, sugar, milk, eggs, and water and known for its round shape and striped seashell-like look.

The food and pastries sold in the bakery allow their Mexican culture to come alive.

“In reality, it's really important for us to maintain our Hispanic traditions because we’re Mexican and it’s always beautiful to be able to keep up our traditions," said Rosi Juarez in Spanish.

Rosi and Carmen said getting to where they are now wasn’t easy, but they have a supportive group of employees as well as their customers to thank for all of their success.

San Miguel Bakery is located at 1912 Creston Rd. B in Paso Robles.