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All Grandview Apartment tenants moved out, find new housing

Posted at 11:26 PM, Mar 11, 2020

More than 100 people once called the Grandview Apartments in Paso Robles home, but less than two weeks ago the last tenants handed in their keys and moved out.

After eviction notices were placed at the doors of all 54 units at Grandview late last September, families were left desperately searching for places to go.

"When they said we had to move out by December 26th I believe, it was like seriously, right on Christmas," said Norma Solis, former Grandview tenant.

"Oh yes, I was very stressed because I had to go live in hotels and its a lot of spending money and I felt very frustrated," said Antonio, former Grandview tenant.

Despite getting more time to find new living situations, there weren't many options to choose from in a county already struggling with a lack of affordable housing.

"I mean everything here is so expensive and just especially everyone had to move out, so everyone had to find a place to live as well. So it's like is there really that many places," said Solis.

With help from the San Luis Obispo Legal Assistance Foundation and several local housing authorities, former Grandview tenants are now moved out and in new housing situations.

Norma and Antonio's families were some of the few eligible to live in the new Oak Park 4 apartments in Paso Robles.

An obvious upgrade -- not just in appearance, but in price -- compared to life at Grandview.

"From a place like Grandview where it was dilapidated and there were roaches and bed bugs and everything else," said David Cooke, Paso Robles Housing Authority, executive director. "We're happy to see kids have their own rooms; it puts a smile on their face and it puts a smile on our face too."

With a lawsuit against the Grandview owners still looming, families are just happy to have a place they can finally call home.

"I feel really happy because this area is really pretty. It has a designated area for the children. Each person has their own room and I feel really comfortable," said Antonio.

According to Stephanie Barclay, San Luis Obispo Legal Assistance Foundation legal director, the next step in the lawsuit is to prepare before going into mediation, and if the case doesn't settle, she says the lawsuit will move to a trial.

The Grandview apartments were recently put back up for sale with a new real estate agency after falling out of escrow twice over the last several months.