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Arroyo Grande residents could potentially see an increase in water usage

Posted at 10:34 PM, Oct 29, 2019

The city of Arroyo Grande is looking at potentially raising water and wastewater rates while implementing fees related to storm water runoff for customers.

City officials are considering ways to sustain their water operating system and it all boils down to a plan called Central Coast Blue.

If the city does not adopt the water sustainability plan, a single family residence could end up paying an additional $7.62 every two months.

If the city does adopt the project residents could end up paying close to an additional $11 on their water bill.

It is only about a $3 difference for the first year, but if enacted resident's water bills would continue to increase for years to come.

The goal of Central Coast Blue is to facilitate a sustainable water supply during droughts.

"In order to do that... that would be a project that would require capital improvements as well as on-going operations and maintenance. So that has been studied in this report," said Jim Bergman, Arroyo Grande City Manager.

The city could also be imposing new storm water charges on it's customer's property taxes.

It is an effort to comply with regulations the city is incurring but has no control over.

The charge would be about $70 annually or close to $6 per month.

"Sampling, reporting... trash capture devices and they continue to involve our permit," said Shane Taylor, Utility Manager for Arroyo Grande.

According to the rate study conducted by Tuckfield and Associates, the city of Arroyo Grande's last rate study was conducted five years ago in 2014.

No action was taken at Tuesday night's meeting.

The city is giving residents two weeks to digest the information presented within the study before the November 12th city council meeting where a public hearing will be held on the potential increases.