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Atascadero city leaders will consider development of 30 micro homes along El Camino Real

Posted at 4:40 PM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-05 13:30:16-05

They're bigger than tiny homes, but smaller than suburban houses - 30 micro homes could be the newest housing element in Atascadero.

City leaders will look at a proposal to build cheaper and smaller-than-average homes

"That is just what this area needs. We don't need one and three acres, we need smaller homes that people can live and work," said Kerri Beetham, Atascadero resident.

Beetham lives down the street from the proposed 1.7-acre Grand Oaks project site.

The development would be located at 4711 El Camino Real.

The developer, Cal Coastal Properties, wants to build 800 square foot one and two-story homes and commercial office spaces.

"It's the best of both worlds. It introduces a single-family concept where someone can have their own lot, their own property, a really high quality unique housing design but have it be on a very small format that they can afford," said Phil Dunsmore, Community Development Director for Atascadero.

City leaders say once purchased, the homewoner would also own the parcel of land their micro-house sits on.

The proposal includes 70 on-site parking spots and a one-story community building at the northwest corner of the site.

Dunsmore says the developer tells him they are aiming to make the market rate units "affordable by design," targeting $250,000 to $350,000 dollars each.

"It's not locked into that level and if the market bears more than that, it could sell for a higher price," Dunsmore said.

Some say it's a big price tag for a small space.

"Why would we need tiny homes that are $350,000 for people to try and make it here when you can't even rent here," said Danielle Deshawn, Atascadero resident.

The city says it met its state quota for affordable housing over the last four years, even exceeding it in the moderate income housing category.

Now, leaders are tasked with finding land for about 850 affordable homes over the next eight years.

You can voice your opinion during the city council's public hearing on November 12.