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Audit finds head coaches at Paso Robles High School were hired improperly

Posted at 10:31 AM, Dec 12, 2019

Paso Robles High School finds itself without a head football coach and a head swim coach after an audit found they were hired not following district policy.

"We had a banquet yesterday and we were having a great time. We were happy celebrating our season and to know that he (head football coach J.R. Reynolds) knew last night is crazy to know he was able to handle it that night," said Jacob Lambeth, junior at Paso Robles High School.

Lambeth said head football coach J.R. Reynolds is one-of-a-kind, a coach that truly cares for his team.

The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District announced Wednesday the current head football coach and the head swim coach would not continue in their roles.

District regulations state coaching positions must be offered to qualified teachers before anyone else.

Only if and when the positions are not taken by any teachers will they become available to other applicants.

In a statement to KSBY News, Reynolds said, "I was informed that it had nothing to do with my abilities to lead a program or performance but actually the district's belief that the hiring process wasn't done according to education code when I was hired two years ago. My staff and I have given everything we could the last two years and want nothing but the best for our student-athletes at PRHS because that's what they deserve."

Lambeth said Reynolds did a lot for the team and is grateful for all their memories.

"A very kind man, it was always players first. He's a very great coach and I'm definitely going to miss him," said Lambeth.

KSBY did ask for an on-camera interview with the school district but did not hear back in time.

The district is apologizing for the disruption this may cause athletic programs.