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Average wait time decreases for non-appointment DMV customers

Posted at 7:06 PM, Dec 02, 2019

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is aiming to significantly reduce the wait times for people who do not have an appointment.

According to newly released data from the DMV, they have been able to cut down on the statewide average wait time for those without an appointment from 73 minutes to 38 minutes.

According to the DMV, they have been able to accomplish this by increasing staff and seasonal shifts.

In turn, that has also helped reduce the amount of time customers spend in line waiting for a number,

According to data provided by the DMV, back in September non-appointment customers waited an average of 38 minutes... that is nearly half of what people waited in September of 2018.

Despite improving the average wait time at the state level, you may end up waiting longer at the local offices.

If you walk into the San Luis Obispo DMV office without an appointment you can expect to wait around 44 minutes, but some have also waited longer.

"I have an appointment for a driver's test... and when I didn't have an appointment it took me about 3.5 hours for them to even get to me," said Mattew Ryan, a resident of Cayucos.

Timothy Owns moved to the Central Coast from Rancho Cucamonga and said that the wait time at the San Luis Obispo Office is longer than what he is used to.

"The one in Rancho took me about 15 minutes... and this is just a little bit longer- much longer actually but like I said I didn't know what to expect one way or the other," said Owns.

The two offices with the lowest wait times on the Central Coast were Santa Barbara and Paso Robles coming in at 36 and 35 minutes respectively.

The California DMV is however still expecting quite the influx of customers in the coming months who are looking to get their Real ID.

This also comes as the California Highway Patrol revamped its registration and enforcement program.

The CHP wants to remind new residents they are required to register their car with the state within 20 days of moving.