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Bear spotted on Cal Poly campus

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Posted at 2:23 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 17:24:12-04

A bear was spotted on the Cal Poly campus this week.

Cal Poly Police and California Fish and Wildlife both took reports about the bear on Tuesday. It was spotted in the agricultural area of campus, near Mt. Bishop Rd. and Stenner Creek.

Screenwriting software company SoCreate has its main office in that area and captured Ring surveillance camera video of the bear apparently trying to get into the building. A SoCreate rep says they see lots of cows, horses and the occasional fox and raccoon, but this was the first time they spotted a bear.

Bear spotted on Cal Poly campus

Wildlife officials say the bear has not caused any damage and runs away when it sees people.

While it's unknown exactly why the bear ventured onto campus, Fish and Wildlife officials say that as the drought continues and resources dwindle, it's likely there will be more human-wildlife encounters.

They provided the following tips to help deter wild animals from your property:

  • Bring pets in at night
  • Place livestock in a secure structure
  • Do not leave pet/livestock food out at night
  • If possible, remove water sources
  • For herd animals, such as sheep and goats that cannot be sheltered, a large dog such as Great Pyrenees will help protect them

If you do spot a bear or mountain lion in a residential area, report it to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife online by clicking here.