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Broken sewage line poses challenges for Arroyo Grande mobile home park

Posted at 11:49 PM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-22 02:49:10-05

A mobile home park's sewer pipe was busted after recent construction by a neighboring business.

It’s creating challenges for residents and the property owners.

Some residents at the Vagabond Mobile Park are without their own restrooms after one of the park's sewer lines was broken by a neighboring business's construction.

"Now it's plugged up and we got to be pumped every week,” said Glenn Davis, Vagabond mobile park resident.

Glenn Davis has lived at the Vagabond mobile home park in Arroyo Grande for seven months.

He's one of the seven units that are affected by a damaged sewer line, forcing him to use the park's public restroom.

This comes after a neighboring business, Rugged Radio, was doing construction and ended up damaging the pipe.

The situation gets tricky as the city and Rugged Radio say there was never a record of the Vagabond mobile home park's existing sewer line on their property.

"Since there's no indication or easement document submitted for that sewer lateral then no one knew it was there, and that's kind of the reason it was crushed,” said Bill Robeson, City of Arroyo Grande public works director.

Robeson says since it's private property, the city doesn't have any legal responsibility to fix it.

That leaves Rugged Radio and the mobile home park the chance to work out a solution.

"We have done our due dilligence, plan checked, and everything in accordance with the city of Arroyo Grande,” said Gregg Cottrell, Rugged Radio owner.

According to the city, this leaves the mobile home park owner responsible for fixing the issue because it was their sewer line and the park didn't have a recorded utility easement.

The mobile home park manager says in a statement to KSBY: "Nobody wants to take responsibility for it because it's an easement that slipped past the city's knowledge, and we are going to be affected as the people who use that easement and sewer since 1961.

Davis believes as a resident, the answer to the problem is help from the city.

"The solution would be--is the city needs to step in and help these people,” said Davis.

The mobile home park site manager expects any repairs would cost around $50,000 or more.

The City of Arroyo Grande says they believe the pipe is from the 1960's, which is before they started keeping records. Therefore, they claim they never received proper documentation from the owner.