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Bronze sculptures showcased in Cuesta College art exhibit

Posted at 11:35 AM, Nov 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-19 14:35:42-05

Cuesta College opened a new art exhibit showcasing bronze sculptures.

"Alloy: Ideas and Influence" is showing the artwork of the artists who started the Foundry Program 40 years ago.

It will also showcase the work of current faculty and alumni.

The program highlights a 6,000-year-old process of using cast metal to sculpt.

Students create original wax sculptures inside a mold that lets the wax melt away in a high-temperature kiln, leaving a hollow cavity to pour in molten metal.

One artist featured is Nicolaa Lee, a former Cuesta College art student who is now pursuing her Masters in Fine Art at Cal State Long Beach.

"Sometimes we don't realize that we are all creative and that we have the ability to start wherever we are and create from there and that is what makes me excited about art," Lee said. "That's what makes me excited about Foundry is that at any point in time you are inspiring or you are helping others explore their creativity."

The exhibit will be open to the public until January 28, 2022.