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Businesses in Morro Bay prepare for potential flooding

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Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 09, 2023

Businesses along Main Street in Morro Bay are preparing for the potential of flooding once again.

Main Street experienced significant flooding back on January 9. On Thursday, some businesses were seen with sandbags right out front, doing anything they can to stop the water from coming in.

Rob Fraser, a Morro Bay property owner, recalled the flood of 1995.

"When we got flooded, I had two businesses in this property," Fraser said. "It was devastating. I was a young father and I had young kids."

The January 9 storm brought back those same memories and Fraser said he is still recovering from the damage that was left behind two months ago.

“We got about three feet of water in the lowest building, and about 16 inches across the street at my other building," Fraser said. "You can see in this area the flooring has been removed. It's going to stay up until after we get out of this storm crisis.”

Fraser is preparing for round three.

"I have everything up off the ground and very limited stuff in my office," Fraser said.

Rachel Dion, San Luis Obispo County Emergency Services Coordinator, said county officials are concerned about the storm.

"Our creeks, our streams, they're already full. Our ground is already saturated," Dion said. "So those areas that saw flooding in January are likely going to be seeing it again.”

San Luis Obispo County officials say they are patrolling in areas at high risk for flooding, including Oceano, Los Osos, Cambria, and Santa Margarita.

"If you live in an area that flooded and you feel unsafe, we encourage you to leave ahead of the storm, stay with friends and family, or get a hotel," Dion said. "If you really feel like you don't want to be in your home, use sandbags, do the best you can to protect it, and leave, if that's what feels safest to you."

Officials are urging residents to be ready and not wait for an evacuation order if they do not feel safe.

An evacuation center will open if an evacuation order is issued.

All emergency information can be found at