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Businesses in San Luis Obispo report break-ins over the weekend

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Posted at 6:36 PM, Sep 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-13 22:21:51-04

Two San Luis Obispo businesses reported break-ins over the weekend and the incidents were captured on surveillance video.

Brooks Burgers has been open for less than a month and is already dealing with a break-in.

“They are going to look for something to eat, they're going to need money to get food, and they're going to do what they have to do,” said SLO Brooks Burgers owner Marshall Williams.

Shortly after Brooks Burgers opened its doors to the public, one of its doors was shattered and the building was broken into.

“He came in and asked the cashier what time our hours were and when we closed,” Williams said. “She did, he fist-bumped her, went around the back, looked in the back kitchen door, went into the restroom, came out, and looked up at the camera when he was exiting the door.”

Later that evening, a burglar would break the door and steal from the cash register.

“He threw a rock through the door window to see if the alarm would go off and didn't, which is our bad on that end,” Williams said.

Meanwhile, Yanagi Sushi experienced a similar attempt at a break-in on September 9, catching a possible thief on video as he tried to break into the restaurant unsuccessfully.

“It's unfortunate, that mindset, but it's real,” Williams said. “Be careful, set alarms, be aware at all times what you're doing, and lock your cars.”

According to Williams, the crook stole slightly over $100 from Brooks Burgers before being arrested Monday morning.