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Cal Poly increases campus security measures as two rape investigations continue

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Posted at 6:44 PM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-15 22:37:57-05

It's been weeks since two rapes were reported on Cal Poly’s campus.

According to Cal Poly officials, the two recent incidents have prompted new safety measures for the campus community. Those efforts include upgraded security camera systems in residential areas, a new campus shuttle program, and a walking escort program. This program provides an escort to and from any place on campus, however, for some students there are concerns with this system.

"There's those escorts but it’s only certain days and certain times. What if you are out late and there aren’t any more escorts what are you going to do," said Gabriela Arevalls, a Cal Poly student.

According to Cal Poly officials, this is a walking program run through the Cal Poly Police Department.

On top of the escort program, local transportation provider "SLO Safe Ride" partnered with the university to offer campus shuttles to provide students, faculty, and staff a safe and easy way to navigate the campus.

In a statement to KSBY Cal Poly officials said:

“Mustang patrol operates Thursday-Sunday, but Cal Poly police department is actively hiring to expand to additional days….the shuttle program is meant to work in complement with the Mustang Patrol Walking Escort Program.”

Despite the added safety measures students are still taking their own precautions.

“I always make sure someone knows where I am, I walk with friends a lot, and I walk where there’s lighting. I also carry pepper spray and the birdie that makes a lot of sound," said Mei Vickery, a Cal Poly student.

Students say the added security is great but there’s one more thing they hope to see from the university.

"Definitely talk about these issues more and make it more of a said statement like we really care please please reach out to us like some of them it’s almost like a whisper," said Carissa Castro, a Cal Poly student.

“We need to have more talks about it. Have a panel where we have time to focus and talk about this because this really needs to be talked about. It can’t just go unpassed," said Arevalls.

University officials say these safety measures are part of an ongoing safety effort and said any sexual misconduct will not be tolerated.

According to Cal Poly officials, the suspects in both rape cases have not been found and the campus police continue to investigate the incidents.